Why Boys Fail in College or University Some Common Reasons

Today we are discussing, Why boys fail in college?
Our key is given moral to the new generation. By our experience, we notice that some common reasons change the student's life when he passed her matric/ O level/ A level education. After matric, a student think what should he do?
He cannot understand, he discusses with friends. Some friends think positive and give a good idea. If he chooses another idea's and applies for admission. After some days he feels that something going wrong. a loss this is a little mistake he chose a wrong Idea or think about his family background. sometimes, a family does not support her son or did not afford his study/education expenses. then he so puzzles and does extra activities which are not meet to their education.
A problem is that why boys fail in college/University?

Why Boys Fail in College or University? Some Common Reasons

Why boys fail in college?
Some common reasons are mentioned below.
  • Family matter
  • Tensions.
  • Not gave Time Properly.
  • Like or Dislike.
  • Spend Time on the Internet.
  • Make a Bad Friend.
  • Ability but not Try
  • Overconfidence
  • Belong to a Poor family or Fees problem
  • Health issue
  • Living away from the house 
  • Timing
1. Family Matter: 
                     Everyone knows that we have a great time at school. When we passed we are looking for our bright future. we take admission at college. But we saw there are some belonging to be poor families or any other family matters. They think too much and got sad. They always focus on their family matters. That's why if you are thinking on your family matter you have got nothing. so now a time for your family issue now you can change this with your positive thinking.

2. Tensions:
                    Tension is one of the biggest reason that a man takes. Our tension based on what actually we think negative or positive. If you think negative every time you will get tension. That is the big reason we took some tension that harms our brain and we can not focus on our study.

3. Not gave time properly:
                    We saw some of the students can't take some time to their books. Because maybe they have any kinds of works at outside or their family works. If you can not take some kind of time to their college life you can not a success. Because of time always just for one time. If you waste your time the time will never back. That is the reason boy cannot take some time to their college life and they fail.

4. Like or Dislike:
                    Every parent has their gold dreams that their son will succeed one day and complete parents dreams. And some of the students will do that. But some of the cannot because the reason is maybe that student has deferent goals. An example is if parents want their son will become a doctor, but the son wants to become a singer, that means they would like to become a singer. They can not read that books what they don't like. If you have a dream and you have like too much that field no one can't stop you. That means we are not harming to the parents.  A student can also tell to the parents. If he wants to become that what he can.

5. Spends Time on Internet:
                   First of all, we are not attack social media or internet. Some of the student who has to spend to much time on internet day and night. If you have to focus on one thing too much you can't take time deeply what actually your goals. So the reason is to take some time on the internet.

6. Make a Bad Friend:
                  Everyone knows that sometimes friendship makes your future bright. But if you try to make a bad friend or unfortunately meet with a bad friend, then the big mistake will come for your bright future. A bad friend always forces you to not read books not give time to your future. They just always try to force you for wrong works. That is the reason you will not succeed for your bright future.

7. Ability But Not Try:
                  Some boys fail because they do not try. They are suffering from nervous habits. They have the ability to work hard. But, they cannot focus on their studies. They waste their precious time in useless activities. Such habits are not easy to finish, only the boy can correct himself. We cannot do anything about him. He needs to change his habits. He should create balance and peace of mind in his personality.

8. Over Confidence:
                  There are some bright boys who have done well at school. But, they fail in college/Uni simply because they are over-confident. They think that they can pass college exams as easily like as they passed school exams. But, they are mistaken. They should understand that the level of college is different from the school. In college, the course of studies is comprehensive. Such types of students are found everywhere. They need to change their attitude to utilize their talent to get success at college.

9. Belong to a poor family or Fee problem:
                  Some students fail because they cannot meet their college expenses. They are suffering from financial problems. They cannot pay college fee. They cannot buy books and uniform. Some students do jobs to meet these expenses. They cannot focus on studies well. Their time is wasted. Their health is also affected while doing a job. Such types of students are found everywhere. It is the duty of the parents to provide required money to their boys, that is their college expenses.

10. Health Issue:
                  We all know health is most important for our body. if you will not eat properly or another kind of foods that hostel provides you not good or if you're not trying to eat properly, or not give protein to your brain then you can't focus on your study properly.

12. Living Away from the House:
                   Some of the boys who are emotional. If they go outside for the first time they feel occurred some of them leave the college for their emotions. Because they can't live outside.  Or if they try to live they always focus behind the house. That is the little reason they can't focus on study.

13. Timing:
                   Nowadays everyone says that there is no time they all so busy or a little bit. But I Think they all totally free because they do not know why busy in that work, and what is benefits. So this type of students wastes of time on illiterate work. For example, they play a game on study time or watching movies, or do any other extra curriculum. Some of the students always reading books. we know this one is good habits. But books are all about on us, Books teaches us, how can you do? but the students just read this and do not apply books words on their practical works.

Don't do that reason or work which is not related to your studies, disturbing to your study or creating problems during the study.
In the end:
If you control on problems or extend your mind for study, will not fail at college or university.
Thanks for reading we hope you will like this and make better your self.
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